Here’s Monica’s latest newsletter. I put the item about Caltech’s and USC’s presidents first…find out what it will take for your kids to succeed in college.

I’ve been a little distracted of late with family (mother in law had a heart attack, step kids having crises in school and with cars), work (conference and battle between departments), life (two leaky faucets, one stopped sink, broken screen door, clogged fish fountain pump, cat with bad immune system and trying to plan a friend’s 50th birthday bash while trying to please at least 6 people). All this is great to blog about, but where do you find the time?  I want to give a shout out to Susan Carrier who’s still waiting for word on her stem cell transplant. And to Caltech for the Day at the Races at Santa Anita this past Saturday. Not a lot of people, but it was so gorgeous we could just lay on the grass between betting and food runs, and wait for those magnificent beasts to come trotting down the way. ahhhh. Didn’t win much, but, wait, listening to Sandra Tsing Loh, can’t think. ok, back now. oh yeah, didn’t win much, but relaxed with glee. Not that we needed it, or anything. Thanks to Julia in HR.

Off to Vancouver this weekend — now there’s a long story for later! Then I’m going on a photography weekend at Mt. Whitney/Alabama Hills with Keith Skelton and partner Brian so I can take another step in mastering my Nikon D40.

Altadena Women’s Network News 10-8-2007

        “There is no greater power than a community discovering what
it cares about.”
                           ~ Margaret Wheatley

~~~    If you have middle school or high school age children, you may be
interested in a free event at Caltech on Wednesday night, October 10.
Two university presidents, Jean-Lou Chameau (Caltech) and Steven
Sample (USC), will sit on the Beckman Auditorium stage and discuss
higher learning  and what today’s young people need to do to prepare
for college, and beyond.  This is a rare opportunity to hear two
brilliant men who truly care about students and who are accomplishing
amazing things on their respective campuses.  8 p.m.

~~~    Kudos to Helen and Will Webster and their foundation for funding a
new PUSD position, the superintendent’s chief of staff.  Their
foundation has been a generous supporter of the Pasadena Educational
Foundation.  This new PUSD position frees up superintendent Diaz to
focus on the other leadership and administrative tasks.

~~~    Altadena Town Council member Tim Kelly, associate professor of
psychology and director of clinical training at Fuller Seminary, is
Altadena’s representative on the newly-constituted Altadena/Pasadena
ad hoc committee on youth development and violence prevention.  The
committee has agreed to meet on the first and third Thursdays of each
month, with occasional Saturday morning meetings.  The meeting
locations will vary from meeting to meeting.

~~~    Esteban Lizardo, president of the PUSD School Board, will give the
annual State of the Schools address this Tuesday, October 9.  Come at
5:30 p.m. for a reception and jazz prelude, and stay for the address
at 6 p.m.  John Muir High School Auditorium.

~~~    Claudia Curry sends news that free flue shots will be available at
the Altadena Senior Center on October 31 from 9:00 a.m. to -12:00 p.m.
You must be 55 or older or the caregiver of a senior.  To sign up,
call Marge at 626-798-0505.

~~~    Free fabric scraps — canvas, twill, cotton, fleece, satin,
muslin, and more. We generate bags every week, and would prefer them
not ending up in our landfill.  Free delivery in the Pasadena/Altadena
area.  If you only want particular types of scraps you can come by and
sift through the bags yourself.  Please contact Julia for more details

~~~    Tarnie Fulloon writes, “The secret to healing your pain (mental,
physical, emotional, spiritual) is in your body.” Tarnie is offering
another full day retreat that helps you tap into your body’s inherent
wisdom to reduce stress, anxiety and pain build-up.  Saturday,
November 3, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Altadena.  $95 early bird
registration before October 29; $125 after that date. Call or e-mail
for details and prices .  626-296-2032 or tarnie (at) bodyfreedom
(dot) com.

~~~    Altadenan Deborah Thomas reports that La Sierra University in
Riverside has put together a timely and informative exhibition called
“The Art and Science of Climate Changes,” to open at Brandstater
Gallery on October 8, running through November 1. If you happen to be
in the area, feel free to stop by and see the show. Her conceptual
installation “Arroyo Seco and Surrounding Area,” a transparent shower
curtain covered with photos of the Arroyo and the Los Angeles River
during near-flood conditions, will be on display in addition to the
work of a variety of other artists. Opening: Monday, October 8, 6-8
pm. For directions and additional information visit
or call Deborah at 626 794-3627.

~~~    Children ages 4-12 who check-out and read five library books and
record the titles on their reading log will receive a certificate for
a free hamburger or cheeseburger from In-N-Out Burger. Participants
may earn up to three burger certificates during the program.
Both the main branch and the Bob Lucas branch of our Altadena Library
are participating in this program from Saturday, October 13 through
Saturday, November 24.  Check out other upcoming special events on the
Friends of the Altadena Library’s Web page here:

~~~    Altadenan Janice Collins has made it to the top 20 performers in
the annual BET national search for the Sunday Best gospel singer.
We’re rooting for you, Janice!

~~~    Two-time GRAMMY(r)-winner Southwest Chamber Music inaugurates its
21st season of Musical Imagination and Color on Monday, October 15th
at 8 p.m. The season opening concert will feature Southwest Chamber
Music’s percussionist Lynn Vartan, the Grammy-nominated Tambuco
Percussion Ensemble and the soloists of Southwest Chamber Music in a
colossal program of the Encounters, part 1 by one of Los Angeles’ most
important composers and percussionists, Altadena resident William
Kraft. The Encounters span over a forty-year history of composition,
beginning in the 1960s. This concert, the first of a two-part series,
will present seven of the Encounters. The second part of this landmark
series will be performed on March 17th, 2008 with a world premiere of
Encounters XV, commissioned by the Fromm Foundation at Harvard
University. Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the
Schoenberg Family Charitable Fund, the complete Encounters will be
recorded and released by Southwest Chamber Music in time for Kraft’s
85th birthday in September 2008.

~~~    Zowie!  There’s another piano for sale, and it’s a beauty!  1860
Weber square grand piano, carved rosewood, with original ivory and
ebony keys and original soundboard.  Good condition.  $1000.

~~~    Store Front Leasing Space Wanted:  Former Altadena small business
owner has moved their antique business to Sierra Madre.  But now, they
would like to move the business back to Altadena.  If you know of
1000-1500 sq ft for less than $1 per sq ft. please contact

~~~    Architecture buffs will be interested in a review of a new book
out, _The Houses of Los Angeles_, that references the the 1910 E.M.
Taylor house in Altadena designed by Hunt and Grey. Read the review

Have a good week.    ~ Monica Hubbard

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