It sounded like a great idea — the United Nations Association presenting a speaker from Tree People at Altadena’s own great Coffee Gallery. Unfortunately, the evening was marred by broken technology and the speaker had to read from printouts of her Powerpoint presentation. And more unfortunately, she is apparently rather new with making presentations. For such a great cause , presentations should be dynamic and engaging — give the audience a feeling for what it’s like to plant trees, to be a part of the solution. But planting a tree just for the sake of it, isn’t always the right answer, either. I love trees, but how many wrong choices have been made by city planners, housing tract developers, etc.? In my area, the original developers seemed to have a penchant for planting one tree smack in the middle of the front yard. Trees that eventually grew to enormous proportions and had to be taken out or are still causing problems. I’ll post a few pics shortly. More info on this to come!